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Ninety-year-old woman raped

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A ninety-two-year-old woman was raped in her home this past Wednesday night.

Rape is one of the nastiest, most disgusting and incredibly vile offenses. In my opinion, It is worse than murder.

The elderly in our country are our pride and joy. They hold our history. They are our history and someone decided that they should defile one of our national treasures as she slept in her home.

The government is boasting about the low crime rate yet it seems that rapes and sex crimes are going unsolved.

What is the government doing to ensure the safety of the women of this country?

Time and time again, the country evokes the marital rape discussion. Well, its time to shift the topic and start discussing harsher penalties for criminal rapists.

There were 37 reports of rape in 2019. It is 37 too many.

It is rumored that the CDU offices are filled with backdated rape kits. I used the word rumored. I would like the police to make a statement to ensure that these are just rumors. I’d hate to believe that women who have been attacked and were brave enough to file a police report are being denied justice.

I am beyond pissed off. I am sick and tired of women and our safety being put on the back burner. Hon Elsworth Johnson and Hon Carl Bethel, if you care about women and our safety, stop being lazy, stop disregarding our feelings and damn FIX IT.

Concerned Citizen

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