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NIB making space for 150 pre-election hires

National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle’s name won’t be on the ballot in the next general election but he is pulling out all the stops to ensure the Free National Movement is re-elected.

Higher-ups at the National Insurance Board tell the Gallery that Rolle has ordered them to make space for 150 political appointees to be hired in the coming months.

Since being appointed national insurance minister in 2017, Rolle has brought in nearly 200 supporters at NIB.

They are all making high salaries despite having little experience.

Long-serving employees are worried that, at this rate, they will never receive raises and promotions if the government continues to use NIB as a slush fund, hiring staunch FNM supporters.

In September, FNM Torchbearers Youth Association member Gabrielle Mckenzie was hired as a consultant in the office of the Director at the National Insurance Board.

One month later, FNM supporter and Killarney constituent Lincoln Deal joined Mckenzie as an overpaid consultant.

FNM Chairman Carl Culmer’s wife Sheena went from working as a junior clerk in the Treasury Department to being hired as a Human Resources Consultant at NIB along with Sigrid Bain.

Frustrated employees say while they’re doing the brunt of the work, these highly-paid appointees sit at their desks all day with nothing to do.

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