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NIB Director has boardroom meltdown on her birthday

Director of the National Insurance Board (NIB) Sonia Gill shocked company executives and staff when she allegedly had a meltdown in the NIB boardroom on her birthday.

NIB Chairman Philip McKenzie and other senior officials held a small gathering in the boardroom of the Baillou Hill Road headquarters in celebration of Gill’s 59th birthday.

Executive management also sprung for a birthday cake to surprise the director. However, employees tell us that when Gill walked into the boardroom, she exclaimed, “I don’t want any cake, I want a raise” before walking out of the room. Senior officials say that Gill was so upset that she did not bother to cut her birthday cake before leaving.

The atmosphere was so tense that you could hear a pin drop in the boardroom after Gill exited stage left.

Gill, who rose to the position of director after previously handling NIB’s finances, has made quite a few enemies at the government agency after she refused to sign off on promotions and salary increases for several staffers.

They found it ironic that she would, in turn, demand a raise one year before her retirement and embarrass the NIB chairman in the process.

Staff morale has dropped so low under Gill’s tenure that when NIB invited a professional trainer onto the property to work out with staff during 50th anniversary of independence celebrations, only seven employees showed up.

According to NIB staff, Gill’s retirement can’t come soon enough.

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