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My Fellow Bahamians

When National addresses are delivered we hear, “My fellow Bahamians and residents" and in a couple instances when they addressed us they said "My fellow residents and Bahamians,” placing Bahamians second.

Every other prime minister stated merely "My fellow Bahamians.”

The U. S. President says "My fellow Americans.”

Mia Mottley says "My fellow Barbadians."

Andrew Holness says "My fellow Jamaicans.”

You get the point.

It is understood that the opening salutation covers all in the land. If the instruction is to your people, then it flows automatically to all that are present and living in your country.

When I hear my fellow Bahamians and residents, to me it is offensive. Extremely!

I cringe every time I hear it. I don't blame the speech writer. I blame the deliverer, who holds the most powerful position in the land. They ought to know better. It's foolish! It's insulting! It's wrong!

It must cease, forthwith! Someone needs to raise awareness as evidently, they are not aware!

Simply and only: "My fellow Bahamians.”

- Signed a Concerned Citizen

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