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Murder suspect denied bail for his own protection

As multiple people have been killed while on bail, the Court of Appeal has ordered that an accused killer remain in custody for his protection.

Dentwan Grant, 22, is charged with the March 5 murders of Franklyn Glinton and Clinton McClean and the attempted murder of Brianna Grant, who is not a relative.

The justices of Appeal ruled that it was likely that Grant would become the victim of a retaliatory shooting if released.

Indeed, prosecutors say the charges that he faces stem from a revenge shooting.

Days before prosecutors say Grant committed murder, his car was shot up.

He didn’t report the matter to police. Instead, he sold his car and plotted retaliation, prosecutors say.

Based on those circumstances, the Court determined that Grant was in danger of being killed if released on bail.

Glinton, one of his alleged victims, was on bail for the 2020 beating death of Lavard McKenzie.

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supreme nexsus
supreme nexsus
Jun 29, 2022

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