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Mitchell: Sands revelations “explosive”

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell labeled as “explosive and extraordinary” revelations made by former Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands in parliament today.

Sands charged that after the Ministry of National Security took control of the process in the wake of Dorian, the names of thousands of missing persons were removed from the official list of missing persons without any explanation.

Sands also rejected the Cabinet's policy of not testing visitors once the country's ports of entry are opened to international travelers on July 1.

Minister of Tourism Dionisio D'Aguilar said that the testing of tourists entering The Bahamas makes no sense.

“The implication here is that Dr. Sands' advice to the Cabinet on testing was rejected,” Mitchell said.

“These are explosive and extraordinary revelations.”

“Dr. Sands' charge on the handling of missing persons is consistent with repeated questions and calls by the PLP for the government to provide the public with an accurate accounting of missing persons.”

Mitchell said the opposition’s repeated questions and calls were met with stone silence from this government.

“As this charge smacks of a government cover up at the highest levels, both the Prime Minister, the Competent Authority, and his National Security Minister have much to answer for to the Bahamian people,” according to Mitchell.

“It is hoped that with this revelation from a former Cabinet Minister and colleague, the public will finally receive the answers they sought from this secretive government for the past ten months.”

Failing a full and frank disclosure, Mitchell said the Bahamian people deserve an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the planning, execution and general handling of much of the pre and post Dorian processes.

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