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Minnis received money from Nygard twice

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis received campaign donations from embattled fashion mogul Peter Nygard at Travelers Rest on two separate occasions ahead of the 2017 General Election.

Minnis received money from the Canadian during his leadership battle with former FNM MP Loretta Butler-Turner then again before the election.

On both occasions the meeting place was Travelers Rest. On one occasion, Minnis was hesitant to take the cash out in the open as Floyd Wilmott, a staunch Free National Movement supporter and close friend of former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, was also in the western New Providence restaurant having lunch at another table.

Minnis did not want Wilmott to witness the exchange as Wilmott supported Butler-Turner in the leadership race. However, Wilmott caught the entire interaction and relayed it to Ingraham, who has had a strained relationship with Minnis in recent years.

Amid recent claims that Minnis and the FNM benefited from Nygard’s political contributions, the prime minister has kept quiet on the matter but never denied it because others witnessed these interactions.

Despite the FNM’s efforts to distance itself from Nygard - who was recently arrested and indicted - and portray him as the PLP’s financial backer, the foreigner received permanent residency under an FNM Administration and he has also funded the political campaigns of several FNM candidates.

Nygard also gave money to FNM MP Dr. Duane Sands ahead of the Elizabeth by-election and 2017 General Election, former deputy prime minister in the Ingraham Administration Frank Watson during his time in frontline politics as well as Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes in a previous election.

Foulkes was a frequent visitor at Nygard Cay, visiting the Lyford Cay property to play poker and attend the now infamous pamper parties.

Watson also played tennis at Nygard Cay and maintained a close relationship with Nygard after leaving office.

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