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Minnis plotting to regain position as FNM leader

Despite leading his party to an embarrassing defeat in the September 16 election following an incomplete term in office, Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is plotting to wrestle control of the Free National Movement (FNM) from newly-elected leader Michael Pintard.

Since Pintard’s election as FNM leader at the party’s one-day convention in November, Minnis has been trying to upstage the Marco City MP by constantly contacting news reporters to comment on national issues, including the holiday carnival controversy and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead of allowing Pintard to share the party’s position on topical issues, Minnis believes that he will remain relevant and a viable option for the party when another leadership race arises.

Minnis and Pintard enjoyed a close relationship when Pintard served as FNM Chairman and a senator while the party was in opposition.

Even after Pintard resigned following the Toggie and Bobo scandal, Minnis still gave Pintard a nomination for Marco City ahead of the 2017 election and appointed him as a minister upon the party’s election to office.

However, things began to unravel last year when Pintard opened his eyes to Minnis’ petty ways.

Minnis had planned to seek re-election as FNM leader last month but decided to save face after learning of a plot by former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to embarrass him.

However, Minnis has not given up hope on returning to the leadership post and running for prime minister again.

He considers Pintard a place-holder until voters get tired of the PLP.

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