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Ministry of Tourism worker loses covid battle amid outbreak

A long-serving Ministry of Tourism employee has lost her battle with COVID-19 more than a week after she was infected with the virus.

The woman, who was vulnerable and leaves behind young children, was among a handful of Tourism employees who were infected during an outbreak in their department.

They believe the source of the outbreak is a female employee who continued to report to the office after one of her children tested positive for COVID-19.

The woman, who was seconded from another government ministry, never told her superiors that she had been exposed to a COVID case until she began to display symptoms of the virus.

By then, at least three other employees in her department had already caught it.

Two of them were in hospital and one has now died, leaving her colleagues devastated.

We’re told she passed away over the weekend.

Over 300 people in The Bahamas have died from COVID-19 and 142 people are in hospital.

May she Rest In Peace.

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