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Ministry of Tourism extending FNMs contracts ahead of election

Two weeks before the September 16 General Election, Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar has ordered Human Resources executives in his ministry to extend the contracts of diehard FNM supporters by two or three years.

Among those Tourism employees getting a three-year extension is lifelong FNM supporter Jason Springer who was hired following the FNM’s 2017 election victory and was transferred to Bimini to head the tourism office there.

Springer, who is close with the wife of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, got an $11,000 salary increase in his new contract.

When hired under the FNM in 2017, he was making $30,850. In addition to the extended contract, his salary was bumped up to over $41,000 with a 15% gratuity payment at the end of each completed year.

The contracts of known Free National Movement supporters do not expire until 2022.

Instead of waiting for those contracts to end, D’Aguilar handed down strict orders to renew those contracts immediately with a new expiration date of 2024.

With numerous election polls suggesting that the outcome of the September 16 poll is up in the air, FNM supporters told higher ups that if they want their vote, their positions need to be protected before Election Day.

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