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Lincoln Bain fails to have $64K judgment reversed

Self-proclaimed millionaire Lincoln Bain has failed to have a $64,000 judgment against him reversed.

Zinnia Rolle sued Bain after she gave him her life savings of $40,000 in 2010 to invest.

Bain never invested the money and neither did he return the cash.

In 2021, Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson ordered him to repay Rolle. She also found that Bani Shoe Warehouse, which Bain ran before it burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances, owed Rolle $3,143.

The amount represented Rolle’s share of sales of shoes that Bani sold for her.

Interestingly, Bain did not mention losing the court battle during any of his Facebook livestreams.

Bain who tried to swing the Bahamian people into believing that his party would give each citizen $100,000, if elected, seems to have problems running his own finances.

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