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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Adrian Gibson’s curious comments on juries

Dear Editor:

I am flabbergasted by reading in the print media the report of contributions made by the Member of Parliament, Mr. Adrian Gibson, on the Trial By Judge Alone (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill (2024) and the Supreme Court (Amendment) Bill (2024).

My shock stems from the fact that this is a sitting member of Parliament who is presently before the Honourable Supreme Court on very serious charges/offences where a jury has already been empanelled.

How can it be that this member is permitted to make such contributions on the particular debate whilst his case is pending?

Something seems really odd about this, and can his contributions render a mistrial in his case?

Moreover, this may very well be time for the legislature to now consider making amendments as to whether a sitting member of Parliament who is charged before the courts (notwithstanding the principle of presumption of innocence) should resign his seat as representative of a political constituency.

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