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Keeping it together during Covid


Have you checked on your “strong” friends lately?


There are so many things going on in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the daily challenges of life.


There were friends who were hospitalized for weeks, but had no one to visit them. There were those who had to lay loved ones to rest but could not attend the funeral. Some may have felt their only choice was to drink or get high just to get through such a dark time.


It’s a topic that the government refuses to make strong considerations for, a real illness that society continues to downplay - mental health. Seeking help may seem like a simple solution but what about those who’s accessibility to these resources are limited?


Many people proudly say that The Bahamas has survived Hurricane Dorian and now COVID-19, but have we really?


Let’s face it. These catastrophes left us traumatized, but have we considered the state of mind in which they left us?

Hurricane Dorian claimed countless lives and left others with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Then came COVID-19 which felt more like a weapon sent to wipe us out. It destroyed our way of life, creating a new normal. Never did we ever think the day would come that we would be under strict curfew or stuck at home during weekend lockdowns. The five-day lockdown was the worst. It brought some families closer together but unearthed the cracks in others.

These situations helped us to kick some bad habits and created new ones, but most of all it gave us time to think. Those thoughts weren’t always positive.

For some, the uncertainty of it all brought on depression and anxiety. Could I or someone I love become infected with covid-19? Will I be out of a job due to the economic effects of the pandemic?

It was extremely stressful for some parents who were forced to take on the role as provider and educator.

A mother of two said: “As a single mother, I'm trying my best to be a teacher, chef, playmate and employee all at once, putting my emotions on the back burner for my kids.”


With unemployment estimated to increase up to 40 percent, many fathers are also struggling to make ends meet. They are the ones everyone looks up to for a solution, but their income hasn’t been steady.

It may feel as if we have it together but anxiety manifests itself in the strangest ways. That headache, dizzy feeling or accelerated heartbeat may be your mind’s cry for help.


Every now and then, it’s important to talk it out with those you trust and remind yourself, “This too shall pass.”


Oh, and check on your “strong” friends.

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