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Juror in Adrian Gibson trial is wife of MP’s campaign general

A new jury is expected to be sworn in ahead of Free National Movement MP Adrian Gibson’s corruption trial after it was revealed that one of the jurors is the spouse of Gibson’s Long Island campaign general.

After she was selected as a juror, the woman said she called her husband and asked if he was related to the Gibsons from Long Island. However, she said neither she nor her husband knew Mr. Gibson personally.

The Supreme Court also discovered that another female juror in the trial is from Long Island and a relative of the embattled former Water and Sewerage Executive Chairman.

The two did not disclose their connection to Gibson until after members of the jury were sworn in. Their dishonesty resulted in the jury being dismissed.

Supreme Court Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson said, “I can proceed with eight, but I can’t proceed with seven. In accordance with the Juries Act, I am going to discharge you from rendering a verdict in this matter.”

Consequently, the high-profile trial suffered another delay. New jurors will be sworn in on July 24.

Gibson, a lawyer, faces a total of 56 counts on allegations that he failed to declare his interest in contracts awarded by the corporation while he was executive chairman.

Prosecutors allege that Gibson gained a financial advantage of more than $1 million from contracts granted Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration and that he laundered the illicitly obtained funds by purchasing properties and vehicles.

Six others were charged with Gibson. However, one of his codefendants has since changed her not guilty plea to guilty.

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