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Judge questions “corruption” label in Gibson trial

The presiding judge in the Adrian Gibson trial has expressed her concerns over the media's portrayal of the case as a corruption trial.

Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson emphatically stated that no one involved had been charged with corruption.

She is also challenging the accuracy of the $1.25 million figure circulating in articles.

Grant-Thompson’s comments emphasized the importance of accurate reporting, pointing out that sensationalizing terms like "corruption" could unduly influence public perception.

Gibson’s attorney Damian Gomez drew reference to reporting on the ongoing trial by Eyewitness News and ZNS.

The trial centers around allegations that Adrian Gibson, during his time as executive chairman of Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), received a substantial amount of money from certain contracts and failed to declare his interests in them.

Former WSC General Manager Elwood Donaldson, Jerome Missick, Peaches Farquharson, Joann Knowles, and Gibson's cousin Rashae Gibson are also on trial.

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