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Jonathan Ash owes Inland Revenue $1.5 million in VAT

Police officers served former prosecution witness Jonathan Ash a summons over the weekend after the ex-con was allowed to rack up $1.5 million in unpaid value added tax (VAT) under the former Minnis administration.

During the Minnis administration’s four years in office, the shady businessman got away with not paying the Department of Inland Revenue over one million dollars in VAT.

It was just one of the many perks Ash seemed to enjoy in exchange for agreeing to testify against former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet Ministers Ken Dorsett and Shane Gibson as part of the Minnis-led government’s ill-advised campaign to jail its political opponents.

However, the jury in the Gibson trial did not believe Ash’s lies and Gibson was acquitted of all charges. Two years later, charges against Dorsett were dropped after Ash allegedly said he would not testify without compensation.

Ash, who was also allowed to run into court without handcuffs for his court arraignment and carry a firearm under the former government despite being convicted, seemed to believe his businesses were exempt from turning over VAT he received from customers to the government.

However, now that the FNM is no longer in power after a tumultuous term in office, it is time for Ash to pay the piper.

Two police officers paid him a visit on Saturday and advised him of Inland Revenue’s intention to collect unpaid taxes.

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