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Is it the People’s Time or Travis’ time?

At a time when tens of thousands of Bahamians are out of work and the Public Treasury is bleeding money due to the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis thought it was fitting to reinstate Bain Town MP Travis Robinson as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, effective Monday.

Exactly two years ago, Robinson was fired from that very position after he voted against at the 12 percent increase in Value Added Tax in the House of Assembly.

Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller and Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine were also sacked from their government-appointed posts for voting against the tax hike, which Minnis said went against the Westminster system.

So if Minnis insisted that his government adhere to the Westminster system by firing the three men - who were simply acting upon the wishes of their constituents - what has changed two years later?

Does the Westminster no longer count? Does Travis Robinson badly need the extra salary? Did he atone for his “sins” by toeing the party line since voting against the VAT hike? Will Mcalpine and Miller be reinstated as well or do they remain on Minnis’ bad side for having the testicular fortitude to speak their mind instead of singing for their supper?

The announcement comes as no surprise to Tourism employees who had been hearing murmurings of Robinson’s return for days now. They also watched as an office in Tourism’s Hilton headquarters was cleared and prepared for the young MP.

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