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Haitians found living in school bus in Abaco

Three illegal Haitian migrants were arrested after they were found living in a school bus in Dundas Town, Abaco on Monday.

An official complaint was lodged with the Department of Immigration after a video made the rounds on social media of a school bus that had been converted into a makeshift home for suspected illegal migrants.

A team investigated the complaint and found three Haitian men onboard the bus. The men tried to run away but were caught and transported to the Immigration Marsh Harbour Office where further investigations revealed that they possess no legal status in the country.

The men said they entered The Bahamas by boat in December 2020. They were arraigned in the Magistrates Court on the island before Magistrate Ancella Evans, and pled guilty to the charge of Illegal Landing.

Upon conviction, the migrants were fined $300. Failure to pay will result in a one-month prison sentence at The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services followed by deportation.

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