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Hackers access Registrar General Server

Somebody done hack the Registrar General Office server!

Guess what though? It happen from January and they either just find out or just telling the public about it in June.

“We regret to confirm that sometime during the month of January 2020, criminal elements associated with a group called “Distributed Denial of Secrets” unlawfully hacked into the AS400 Server housing the Registrar- General’s filings information - which is thereafter transferred to the e-Services Business Registration system - and stole the information therein housed. The said information has recently been published and widely distributed. These acts are breaches of the Data Protection Act and the Penal Code,” according to a statement by the Office of the Attorney General.

“This group was apparently formed in or about December 2019. Two persons have come forward and have been identified as principal “activists” in the group, namely Emma Best and Lorax Horne.

“A thorough Police investigation is also currently underway, along with a review of all digital security systems.

“Based on the findings, all necessary action will be taken to ensure that we maintain the requisite data protection, as we understand the importance of this to upholding Bahamian Law, to the business community and to the general public,” according to the statement.

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