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Guards beat inmates for protest against cruel conditions

Prison guards viciously beat inmates in the Maximum Security Unit with wood on Friday.

The violent beatings took place as Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy denied claims of mistreatment of inmates.

The guards used brutality to stop inmates from protesting against the inhumane conditions at the prison, commonly called Fox Hell Prison.

Inmates haven’t seen relatives since last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, though lawyer visits are allowed.

Inmates have also lost access to special, medically approved diets after Murphy stopped outside food.

Inmate Andrew “Yogi” Davis died from complications due to heart failure last October after jail officials denied him access to his medically approved diet.

Murphy inhumanely refused to listen to doctors’ advice, causing Davis’ health to decline. Davis had a pending lawsuit against the prison when he died.

Numerous others have filed suits in hopes that the courts won’t sanction the denial of their basic human rights. The inmates also complain of being fed twice daily, lack of access to clean drinking water, medical care and no toilets.

This year’s US Human Rights report speaks about degrading treatment of prisoners and harsh prison conditions.

Although Murphy claimed that the prison is complying with human rights conventions, the government has refused to allow human rights organizations to see the maximum security block for themselves.

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