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Group of FNM MPs wants PM Minnis gone

Despite his repeated denials that the General Election would be held this year, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis called a snap election to thwart an attempt by a group of disgruntled Free National Movement (FNM) members of parliament to get rid of him, according to top party insiders.

A group of FNM MPs reportedly submitted a letter to the Governor General to express their lack of confidence in Minnis and his ability to lead.

They took a page out of the book of Loretta Butler-Turner and several other FNM MPs who wrote to the Governor General and had Minnis ousted as Opposition Leader months before the 2017 General Election.

However, Sir C A Smith, who has been described as a Minnis man, warned the PM of the plan by some of his own to publicly embarrass him.

To prevent the letter from ever seeing the light of day, Minnis dissolved parliament and called a snap election for September 16 at the height of a public health crisis.

Over the last four years, FNM MPs have begun to see the PM’s true colors. He decided a number of them would not be seeking re-election without a single discussion with those MPs.

Minnis also turned his back on his deputy Peter Turnquest at the first sign of legal trouble despite Turnquest’s loyalty to him when he was overthrown as Opposition Leader.

Minnis’ knack for shooting from the hip when making public announcements then consulting his cabinet afterwards has also been a bone of contention for those who sit among him at the Cabinet table.

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