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Fusion Superplex dumps Cable Bahamas for BTC

Fusion Superplex has ended its partnership with Cable Bahamas in favor of a more beneficial agreement with Cable’s biggest competitor Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC).

The two companies partnered in late 2018 with the promise that REV and its sister company ALIV would provide a robust telecommunications network and enhanced bandwidth required by an IMAX theatre.

Though Cable’s REV logo currently enjoys pride of place on the inside and outside of Fusion’s entertainment complex off Gladstone Road, those three dry up letters will soon be replaced by the bright blue letters, BTC.

Fusion has already signed the agreement with BTC, which will make its presence felt in the Superplex over the next few weeks.

Fusion prominently featured REV’s branding throughout its complex and allowed the telecoms company to host events at the massive facility in exchange for certain services.

However, the entertainment giant dropped Cable like a hot potato because they were not pleased with the lackluster technical assistance provided by the company or the level of support they were promised by Vice President of Media David “Hot Air” Burrows, who spends more time brown nosing his bosses John Gomez and Franklyn Butler and flushing shareholders’ money down the toilet on pointless projects than doing actual work.

As Fusion drop kicks Cable, an increasing number of disgruntled television subscribers are dropping the cable company over its horrendous service, less variety and frequently blacked out channels in favor of the Fire stick and streaming services like Netflix.

It’s the second partnership that has collapsed under Burrows’ watch this year. Last month, Cable Bahamas and The Nassau Guardian ended their 17-year partnership after Cable secretly hired the newspaper’s broadcast reporters by luring them with the promise of more money and more senior titles.

Burrows is known for making a mess in every department he sets foot in before bosses bounce him over to another area of the company to create more dysfunction.

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