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Freeport City Manager in bed with Sanitation Services?

Freeport City Manager for Grand Bahama Port Authority Troy McIntosh, who is responsible for awarding clean-up contracts in Freeport, has come under fire after one of the companies he gave an exclusive contract to was spotted cleaning up his personal property in Seahorse Village on Saturday.

In a blatant conflict of interest, employees of Sanitation Services, which has a contract with GBPA, were seen cleaning up the city manager’s yard and working on his roof.

McIntosh’s company-issued truck, number 1055, was parked outside as two employees were hard at work in the yard and another two were toiling on the roof.

Should the company McIntosh secured a contract for to clean up the city also be doing work for him on the side? Did he pay Sanitation Services to work on his house? Did he get a discount?

Other cleaning companies, which are struggling to get jobs, are now questioning whether Sanitation Services is doing McIntosh a personal favor by cleaning up his property in exchange for receiving contracts from the Port Authority.

“How could the small truckers make it if this is what the port manager is doing?” asked one concerned industry professional?

Is this why other small businesses can’t win bids or get work? Is McIntosh in bed with Sanitation Services?

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