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FNM MP refuses to be served VBI in corruption case

In a cowardly act, embattled FNM MP Adrian Gibson refused to be served his Voluntary Bill of Indictment in his corruption case.

Gibson was already in the Magistrates Court Complex where he was expected to continue his testimony against Gregory Miller, the owner of Apex Construction.

Yet, he refused to collect his VBI from Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain concerning his alleged corruption while he served as chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

His co-defendants Elwood Donaldson and Peaches Faquharson were the only two to show up.

In June, Gibson appeared in court on charges of abuse of power while he served as WSC executive chairman under the Minnis administration.

Gibson, a lawyer, faced a total of 56 counts on allegations that he failed to declare his interest in contracts awarded by the corporation.

Prosecutors allege that Gibson gained a financial advantage of more than $1 million from contracts granted to Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration and that he laundered the illicitly obtained funds by purchasing properties and vehicles.

Prosecutors allege that he was aided by Elwood Donaldson, the corporation’s former general manager; his cousin, Rashae Gibson; his campaign general Joan Knowles; Jerome Missick, Tonya Demeritte and Peaches Farquharson.

Demeritte has since pleaded guilty and received a fine.

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