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FNM minister’s widow takes realtor to court

Former Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson has been retained as the attorney of a delinquent realtor who is battling the widow of a former Free National Movement cabinet minister in court.

Osborne Stuart owes the widow $61,000 after he moved into her West Bay Street home and failed to make monthly rent payments since 2017. Bowe was hired to sell the home but convinced the grieving wife to let him move in and pay rent.

Stuart retained the services of Johnson, a one-term FNM MP, who has fallen on hard financial times since the FNM lost the 2021 General Election and he lost his double salaries as a cabinet minister and a member of parliament.

Johnson, who appeared in court on Stuart’s behalf on Thursday after being retained the day before, was overheard saying that politics leaves you broke when your time in office is short lived and he is trying to put some money together to send his child back to school. He said he agreed to take on the case because he is “on the hustle”.

However, some long serving FNM members questioned Johnson’s loyalty by representing the realtor who owes money to the widow of a fellow FNM.

Before the court hearing, Johnson told the widow he only took the case because of his financial situation and was heard assuring her it would be a short adjournment.

During the court proceedings, the magistrate asked the former FNM MP why he needed more time as it was a straightforward case and his client has been in arrears since 2017.

The magistrate gave Johnson two weeks to find a resolution as it was clear his client is using stall tactics to remain in the home, he clearly can’t afford to live in, for a longer period.

Both parties are due back in court on July 28.

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