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FNM ignores homeless in housing plan

The FNM government has failed to help scores of Bahamians left homeless as a result of COVID-19 job losses.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis failed to institute an eviction moratorium or increase rental assistance, although his bad policies now have many living on the streets or in their cars.

Ironically, as his first term in office nears its end, Minnis is trying to seduce voters with promises of affordable housing. Of course, those who need shelter the most would never be able to afford to live in either community.

Recently, he unveiled plans for young Bahamian professionals to purchase land in two new housing developments for one third of its market value.

One of the developments is on Carmichael Road. The second development, which has been billed as an upscale community for young professionals, is in the Prospect Ridge area.

Government has promised customs waivers on building materials to keep costs down.

The catch? The homes must be built within two years of the purchase of the land.

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