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FNM crony risks jail if he breaks probation

An FNM propagandist accused of defaming PLP deputy leader Chester Cooper Richard Johnson has been placed on probation in a related case.

Police invited Johnson, 29, to the Criminal Investigation Department on May 6 in respect to Cooper’s complaint of intentional libel. Once he showed up, Sergeant Delancy informed him of the nature of complaint. That’s when Johnson lost his cool and accused the police officers of being a “PLP police” who were part of a witch-hunt against him. Johnson continued with his wild claims when the officers said they would search his house.

The status of Cooper’s complaint is unclear, but Johnson was charged with disorderly behaviour.

Johnson pleaded guilty to that charge when he appeared before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain today. She warned him that he would be sentenced to 14 days in prison if he failed to stay out of trouble during the period of probation.

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