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FNM company with no employees secures $215,000 govt loan

A businesswoman, who appears in a Free National Movement political ad singing Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ praises, doesn’t appear to have any employees but managed to secure a $215,000 government loan.

Cheryl Ferguson, owner of Cheryl’s Tours and Taxis, was the recipient of a staggering $215,000 RBC secured loan, through the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Programme.

Ferguson said in the FNM ad that thanks to the Minnis Administration’s help she was able to pay her employees.

However, the National Insurance Board has no record of Cheryl’s Tours and Taxis paying mandatory contributions on

behalf of Cheryl Ferguson or any of the company’s so-called employees.

Does Cheryl’s Tours really have any employees or is Cheryl Ferguson a delinquent employer who has gotten away with dodging NIB payments due to her strong ties with the FNM?

It raises serious questions about whether Ferguson qualified for the secured loan she received.

The National Insurance Board has vowed to crack down on employers that do not make contributions on behalf of their employees. Does this apply to all businesses except Cheryl’s Tours?

We call on the Minnis Administration to reveal how many employees Cheryl Tours has and whether the company is up to date on its NIB contributions.

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