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Fired cop to appear in court

An alleged dirty cop has been stripped of his badge after investigations revealed he had gang ties.

The cop’s double life as a law enforcement officer and gang member was exposed following a drive-by shooting on February 18 at Cordeaux Avenue and Exuma Street.

The constable was arrested after the white Honda Accord he was driving on Bahama Games Boulevard crashed during a police pursuit.

The officer was arrested along with his two fellow gang members who opened fire on police in an attempt to get away. Police found a loaded gun in the suspects’ car.

Police also arrested the now former officer’s mother after they allegedly found another gun in their home in Imperial Park.

What’s more, the cop reportedly didn’t pass the vetting process to join the Police Force as he’d been arrested before. However, an FNM politician allegedly used his influence to get him on the force.

Additionally, the disgraced former cop has been quizzed about multiple murders and is expected to appear in court on Monday.

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