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Family of prominent Junkanooer sues Florida hospital for negligence

The wife and children of prominent Valley Boys member the late Stanford Gustavous "Big Jew" Outten is suing Broward Health Medical Center in Florida and its employees, nurses Onica Harry and Calvin Scott on the grounds that staff participated in an alleged scheme by Outten’s cousins who visited him at the facility while his family was not present and forged Outten’s Last Will while he was not of sound mind.

The legal documents highlight Broward Health's alleged breach of policy, asserting that employees are prohibited from signing any legal documents for patients, specifically their last will and testament.

The family contends that nurses Onica Harry and Calvin Scott knowingly violated this policy by participating in the execution of Mr. Outten's will while he was under medical care.

The family alleges that Big Jew’s cousins, attorney Alecia S. Bowe and Bradley Outten conspired to change Outten's last will and testament to steal assets for their own benefit.

The family further claims that nurses Onica Harry and Calvin Scott were enlisted to cooperate in this scheme, executing a forged document that was fraudulently presented as Mr. Outten's will.

According to the document filed in a circuit court in Broward County, “ The Defendants were all keenly aware of the fragile and vulnerable medical state of Outten at the time they executed the fraudulent Emergency Will on his behalf.

“The Defendants knew that Mr. Outten did not possess the requisite sound mind and was not in a position to make sound decisions to draft and execute a Last Will and Testament.

“The Defendants manipulated and exploited the deceased’s vulnerability, resulting in an unjust distribution of Mr. Outten’s assets,” according to the lawsuit.

The family contends that Bowe and Outten “took advantage of Mr. Outten’s incoherent state of being caused by his medical condition and forced him to sign a Will that went against his true intentions for his estate.”

“Any action carried out by Mr. Outten was done under extreme duress due to the fact that he was highly medicated and sedated and thus in various states of consciousness,” according to his wife and children.

Big Jew’s widow and children want the emergency will be to be invalidated, to restore the distribution of his assets to reflect his original will, and for damages to be awarded to the family for emotional distress, mental anguish, and legal fees incurred as a result of Bowe and Outten’s actions.

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