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Drama in the house tomorrow: Englerston MP banned

It’s about to go down in the House of Assembly tomorrow morning after the Clerk of the House sent a letter to Leader of Opposition Business Picewell Forbes to notify him that upon direction from House Speaker Halson Moultrie, Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin will not be allowed in the lower chamber if she does not apologize to Moultrie for what he claims was disrespectful conduct toward him and Members of the House last week.

The last time the House met, Moultrie ordered Hanna-Martin to withdraw from the House after she repeatedly yelled “ya lie too much” across the floor to governing members. Opposition members were livid after the House Speaker refused to allow Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis to speak on the proclamation of the state of emergency which was extended.

Davis argued that the Speaker has no lawful authority to ban Hanna-Martin from the House for failing to apologize.

“Our attorneys will be seeking to move the courts if she is unlawfully excluded from the House,” Davis said in a statement tonight.

“This is an assault on democracy and all people of goodwill should join us at the House of Assembly tomorrow morning to resist this tyranny.”

Stay tuned...

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