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Disgruntled Administrator launches smear campaign against Local Govt Director

A disgruntled Family Island administrator appointed under the Minnis Administration has launched a venomous online attack against the leadership of the Local Government Department as he fears he will lose his cushy government position.

As news of overdue transfers made the rounds, the disgruntled administrator planted false stories about Acting Director of Local Government Neil Campbell, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Administrator Dale Gelin got the job under the FNM government after he campaigned for the party’s candidate for Exuma and Ragged Island Navarro Bowe in the 2017 General Election.

The decision to push him into the role came as a shock to many as Gelin, who is of Haitian descent, had no training for the position, was never employed before becoming family island administrator and never had a Bahamian driver’s license.

When the government official was deployed to Cat Island, his failure to secure a drivers license meant others had to drive him around to fulfill his duties.

The former government’s reason for sending him to Cat Island was to try and unseat incumbent Philip “Brave” Davis but little did he know, his government would be swept out of office in a stunning defeat.

Poll workers on Cat Island and San Salvador were allegedly replaced ahead of the 2021 election under his watch, according to well-placed sources.

Additionally, the senior Customs officer on the island submitted several reports alleging that Gelin purchased certain goods with government funds despite not getting approval.

Director of Local Government Brenda Colebrook has also reportedly opened an investigation on the removal of payment vouchers by Administrator Dale Gelin.

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