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Despondency At Parliamentary Registration Department

Staff assigned to work at the Parliamentary Registration Department are not happy to say the least. A source, who asked The Gallery to remain anonymous, says that staff are refusing to work the evening shifts to accommodate working citizens who seek to transfer to new constituencies, because they have not been paid in months.

This drop in staff morale has placed individuals seeking to participate in the voting process at a disadvantage as they have limited access to registration sites.

This neglect to ensure that workers are fairly compensated over the past several months has resulted in many disgruntled employees withholding their services. The situation is even more troubling since the appointment of Lavardo Duncanson as Acting Parliamentary Commissioner.

The appointment of an individual who has no experience and is unwilling to accept the mentorship of the more experienced Consultant, Errol Bethel, has the department in a tailspin.

Parliamentary Registration staff have expressed concern as to whether the final voters’ register will reflect an accurate listing of eligible voters due to the frustration faced by workers and by extension ordinary citizens.

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