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Deep tax breaks made it possible for Minister to donate salary

In a feeble attempt to show that he’s in touch with the common man, Tourism Minister Dionisio D’aguilar has boasted that he donated his $99,000 Cabinet and MP salary to initiatives for his constituents in the last four years.

But with a net worth of $38 million, $99,000 is about as significant as a penny to him.

Pennies are so unimportant to the FNM that they did away with them, further reducing the buying power of the poor after they increased VAT to 12 percent.

While the poor counted their nickels to make ends meet, D’aguilar’s laundromat made big bucks.

Indeed, the FNM cut import taxes on maintenance parts for washers and dryers while raising taxes for the common man.

Thanks to the FNM, D’aguilar won’t have to illegally dodge taxes like he did in the past.

In 2013, SuperWash paid fines and penalties totaling $19,000 for undervaluing a shipment of washers, dryers and coin boxes by $100,000.

D’aguilar didn’t speak up when Bahamians were being arrested for trying to make a living by setting up roadside stalls.

He didn’t step in when police seized the inventory of those budding business owners.

In the past four years, the FNM has further deepened the divide between the rich and the poor through policies that favour the haves and hurt the have-nots.

In 2017, the FNM tricked the working class that it would be the People’s Time.

Now that the FNM is seeking another term, Minnis has once again promised to look out for the poor.

He certainly secured the future fortunes of the rich for over four years.

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