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Dead conch, worth thousands, pulled from water

Vendors at Potter’s Cay Dock are in distress as they must now suffer the loss of thousands of dollars in inventory resulting from the sudden closure of their businesses.

During an announcement on Sunday by the competent authority, Potter’s Cay vendors were ordered to close just three weeks after being allowed to open.

Vendors who were anxious to recoup some of the loss of income due to the extended closure, had just replenished their stock. They are now faced with the disposal of thousands of dollars in conch which have died after not being properly stored.

The vendors lament that no consideration has been given to them similar to that given to fast food restaurants. These restaurants have been allowed to operate via take out and curbside methods.

Potters Cay vendors agree that they too can operate in the same fashion if given the opportunity.

One very irate vendor, who claimed he supported the FNM administration, said “I thought the people’s time was for all people. This is the greatest demonstration of deception and lies to win the support of the majority. I am ashamed that I was so gullible to have been fooled in this way.”

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