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DCP Clayton Fernander tapped to become next police chief

Deputy Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander will replace Paul Rolle as the top cop later this year.

Fernander, who was yanked from the frontline of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) and sent off to head security at a government entity under the one-term Minnis government, ascended to the rank of DCP under the “New Day” government shortly after it took office.

He held down the fort as Acting Commissioner when Rolle traveled to Dubai last week.

Fernander is already putting in new plans for the Force including a special domestic violence unit and training police officers to be more sensitive to people who file domestic violence complaints.

Rolle recently announced that his time as police chief is coming to an end as he approaches retirement age.

However, he initially dismissed claims that he would be stepping down following the FNM’s embarrassing defeat in the 2021 General Election.

Rolle, who joined the force in 1983, became commissioner in 2020.

It was believed to be his reward for overseeing the political prosecutions of former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) members of parliament under the Minnis Administration, which appointed him as head of the Anti-Corruption Unit.

The unit failed to secure any convictions following the high profile court cases, which ended in acquittals or were tossed out.

Since the FNM’s defeat, the unit has lost all steam and has failed to investigate former FNM MPs despite suspicion of abuse of power.

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