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Customs officer taking Bakers Bay jobs from local contractors

A customs officer stationed on Long Island has been accused of taking food out of the mouths of hardworking Bahamian contractors by allegedly fronting for companies awarded Bakers Bay contracts then bringing in foreign contractors on work permits to do the work.

Trevor Hanna allegedly gets around six percent of the value of the contracts for agreeing to front for Endeavor Development and EHC Management Company.

These are just two of the companies that are said to be taking business away from qualified local contractors by bringing in workers from the United States and elsewhere on permits to construct and repair homes in Bakers Bay.

Consequently, real Bahamian companies are losing out on jobs at Bakers Bay as dozens of multi-million dollar homes are being rebuilt and renovated following Hurricane Dorian, which devastated Abaco and the surrounding cays in September 2019.

Starfish Construction, a local company, has seen its level of contracted work dwindle recently due to some Bahamians getting a small cut to front for foreign companies that are making millions of dollars then leaving the country.

During Dorian’s reign of terror, sturdily built homes lost chunks of roof in Bakers Bay while palm trees were toppled over.

Insurance experts estimated that Bakers Bay alone accounted for over $800 million in Dorian-related insurance losses.

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