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Courts used to silence FNM critics

The FNM government continues to use the courts and police to silence its critics.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly has called on former FNM supporter Garvin Dawkins to present a defense to claims that he threatened Bain and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson.

Dawkins, like many Bahamians, had voters’ regret after being tricked into believing this government would look out for the people.

Dawkins took to social media to express his disgust in the lousy representation Robinson has given to Bain Town.

While giving people examples of Robinson’s lousiness, Dawkins said he would drop a bombshell on him.

Robinson called police and claimed he was in fear of his life as a result.

According to Robinson, he believed he would be shot.

Magistrate Kelly agreed that bombshell could be used in the political sense to expose a person, but said that Dawkins uttered the word with aggression.

Dawkins will take the stand in his defense in September.

Magistrate Kelly is among a number of FNM supporters who were appointed to the bench last month.Courts used to silence FNM critics

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