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Court told of FNM MP’s corruption

A businessman told a court he has “crucial information” about corruption by former FNM MP Travis Robinson.

Garvin “G-Money” Dawkins, 49, of Rupert Dean Lane, made the explosive claim when he testified in his defense at his threats of harm trial.

Robinson called cops after Dawkins said he would “drop a bombshell on him and he wouldn’t know what hit him” in a Facebook-live video in May 2020.

He claimed the remark left him so afraid that he couldn’t leave his home because he feared he would be “shot.”

During his testimony, Dawkins repeated what he’d told police investigators: that he’d used the phrase in a political context.

He testified, “In regard to my political bombshell, about Mr Robinson, now the former MP, I have some crucial information in regard to contracts in Bain Town. My intention always was to expose those contracts in a public forum.”

When he took the stand, Robinson ridiculously claimed that he’d never heard the expression drop a bombshell used in a political context.

According to him, he was familiar with the phrase “on the streets.”

Robinson said he interpreted Dawkins’ remarks to mean “someone’s going to shoot you.”

Robinson was among several FNM MPs who used the police force to silence their critics.

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