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Costly COVID tests making Bahamians criminals

Scores of Bahamians have now become criminals—thanks to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ refusal to offer free COVID-19 testing to the public.

With Minnis’ mishandling of the pandemic already putting many out of work, the high cost of tests is too much for many to bear.

Police have, in the past month, arrested multiple people traveling from Nassau to various islands on forged tests.

For the most part, they were Family Islanders who have been stuck in Nassau for months who were desperate to go home. In one instance, an unemployed woman was returning home to be reunited with her children. In another case, people in mourning were going to the funeral of a murdered relative.

Thankfully, none of the people arrested for attempting to travel on forged tests had COVID-19.

But, now they have criminal records that will follow them for the rest of their lives because of Minnis’ bungling.

The prime minister always boasts that his medical training makes him well-suited to lead during this national health crisis but he fails to mention that he specializes in delivering babies—not infectious diseases.

The trained doctor, who has practically killed the economy through foolish policies, was too stubborn to follow

Opposition Leader Philip Davis’ suggestion to make COVID-19 testing free.

Dr Minnis’ son, who is also a doctor, is charging Eleuthera residents close to $300 for COVID-19 tests. Could this be the reason that the heartless PM has refused to offer testing for free?

The testing requirement isn’t the only COVID-19 rule that has criminalized ordinary Bahamians.

The Prime Minister has made it a crime to leave home without a government ID and let’s not forget how countless street vendors have been dragged to court in cuffs for selling coconuts.

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1 comentario

Keith Culmer
21 abr 2021

Only Sen Clay Sweeting PLP candidate for Central and south Eleuthera stood up for the suffering people of Eleuthera, At least somebody feels the pain you are suffering as their is no compassion in this present administration. See Sen Sweeting article in letters to the editor

in Punch last week 15th April

Me gusta
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