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Corruption now systemic in FNM

Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has come under fire for his weak response to allegations of corruption under his administration after formerly vowing to fire and prosecute government officials found committing such acts.

Even after leaked Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) documents proved that then-Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson’s friends, family and lover were being awarded lucrative WSC contracts - that Gibson allegedly benefited from - Minnis refused to answer legitimate questions about the nature of the contracts and came to Gibson’s defense instead of investigating the matter.

Had this happened under another government, Minnis would’ve been first in line to call for the chairman to be fired and prosecuted.

When another member of his administration, Lanisha Rolle, was ensnared in controversy after resigning as Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Minnis was virtually silent.

Was it that the two controversial MPs had Minnis’ blessing? Or did he have a seismic shift in principles once alleged acts of corruption were committed by his own people?

Critics suggest corruption is now systemic within the party.

After all, Gibson’s arraignment on nearly 60 counts of corruption-related charges isn’t the first time the actions of a member of the former administration have been called into question.

Minnis lied about when the failed Oban deal for Grand Bahama was really signed and broke his promise to investigate the unprecedented dismissal of the entire Bahamas Power and Light board.

It is still unclear how millions of dollars in Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 pandemic relief funds were spent, at least two ministers of his cabinet resigned under a cloak of secrecy, Minnis refused to name beneficial owners of companies associated with his government, billions of dollars were borrowed during his four-year reign of terror with nothing to show for it and his family members allegedly received millions in medical supply contracts.

It is a stark contrast to the man who, on the heels of his decisive election victory in 2017, said, “Good and open government demands transparency and accountability. Good governance demands being responsible for our actions.

“Accordingly, I will hold ministers to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their public duties,” Minnis said.

“And I want to send a message to my ministers. Should you engage in unsavoury or unethical requests to the permanent secretaries and I discover or find this out, you will immediately be fired.

“And I say to the permanent secretaries, should you not report such behaviour and allow it to fester, you too will be fired. It is now the people’s time.”

Was it? Voters answered that question on September 16, 2021.

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