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CID Chief sent on leave following leak of voice notes

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander has sent Chief Supt Michael Johnson, Officer-in-Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on leave following the emergence of voice notes leaked to the public.

Commissioner Fernander emphasized the seriousness with which the police force views allegations against Johnson, stating, "We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism within our ranks."

The voice notes purportedly capture a conversation between Fox Jr. and Johnson, suggesting a deal to make criminal charges disappear in exchange for $100,000.

The police investigation at the time stemmed from the theft of Bank of The Bahamas, where $1.4 million was stolen during a transport operation, with only $45,000 subsequently being recovered.

The arrangement was that Fox Jr. would pay $100,000 to ensure his release and that of Dino Smith from police scrutiny. The officer allegedly assured Fox Jr. that he would orchestrate matters to coincide with the absence of Commissioner Clayton Fernander, who was out of the country at the time.

Fernander reassured the public of the force's dedication to transparency and accountability.

He said, in response to the allegations, Chief Supt Johnson agreed to take leave pending a thorough investigation.

Commissioner Fernander explained, "To ensure continuity and uphold our commitment to public safety, Chief Superintendent Anthon Rahming will assume the responsibilities of the Officer-in-Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department during this period."

The statement reiterated the RBPF's commitment to the trust placed in them by the Bahamian people, promising updates as the investigation progresses.

Commissioner Fernander concluded, "We will ensure that appropriate actions are taken based on the findings."

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