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Child trying to help parents arrested for coconut sales

A 15-year-old arrested for selling coconut water and jelly without a business license slept in a police station overnight, a court heard.

Police arrested the minor on December 7 after seizing his wares from a stall on Harold Road.

The minor was eventually released on police bail. He appeared in court with his mother at his arraignment. He pleaded guilty to hawking.

The court heard that the child has 10 other siblings and his parents don’t have consistent work. His mother braids hair and his father is no longer working due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The young boy tried to assist his family by selling coconuts.

But police showed no regard to his youth— and treated him like a common criminal for trying to help out with household expenses.

Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain dismissed the charges against the child, reasoning that as a minor he couldn’t get a business license.

The child, who had no previous contact with police, still has a clean record. However, his stay in the station’s lockup will remain seared in his memory.

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