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Bishop Ricardo Grant resigns from GB church

Bishop Ricardo Grant of Community Holiness Church has resigned from his place of worship in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama.

It is rumored that Bishop Grant, who formed Ricardo Grant Ministries in 2015, intends to pursue a political career as a candidate for the Free National Movement (FNM) in the next General Election.

According to those in his inner circle, Bishop Grant believes he stands a strong chance of securing a party nomination and a seat in the House of Assembly due to his decades-long ministry and community outreach on the island.

Grand Bahama has long been considered FNM country, sending five FNM candidates to Parliament in 2017.

However, following an underwhelming term in office, the party suffered an embarrassing wipeout in the 2021 General Election, and lost two of its Grand Bahama seats.

With three years left to go before the next election, prospective candidates are already making their political aspirations known in an effort to drum up support on the ground.

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