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Bahamasair customer service reps slam AAAWU leaders

Two weeks after Bahamasair flight attendants called in sick, resulting in the cancellation of multiple flights, customer service representatives at the airline are demanding an “urgent meeting” with executive management before an industrial agreement is signed on their behalf.

In a joint letter to Chairman Anthony Kikivirakis, employees of the Customer Service Department expressed “grave concerns about the ongoing contract negotiations with the Executives of our union and Bahamasair management.”

“We were not consulted prior to our Executives presenting a proposal to Management and we are not aware of what was presented on our behalf,” the letter states.

The letter, dated October 11, 2022, also copies Prime Minister Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper and Bahamasair Managing Director Tracy Cooper.

It continues, “Our salaries and our increments are at an all-time low and not in keeping with industry standards. Our increments range from $550 to $850 annually and it has not changed since the early 1980s. Our counterparts in the other three government corporations have surpassed us many years ago.”

Employees say this is not in keeping with the memorandum of understanding signed between the government and the two umbrella unions, National Congress of Trade Unions and Trade Union Congress.

Union members implored the chairman to “rectify the injustices imposed upon the employees of Bahamasair and the members of the AAAWU.”

The customer service Dept is the second group of employees to speak out against union leaders. Earlier this month, flight attendants said they have been disrespected and disregarded by AAAWU President Gladstone Adderley and Secretary General Susan Palmer who are not looking out for their best interests as they negotiate a new industrial agreement.

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