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Bahamas Government honors Sprinter Charlton with $10,000 Reward

In a resounding celebration of athletic prowess, the Bahamas government has announced its decision to award $10,000 to Bahamian sprinter Devynne Charlton following her extraordinary performance at the Millrose Games.

Charlton, with sheer determination and skill, shattered a 16-year-old record in the women’s 60 meters hurdles indoors in the heart of New York City.

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture, Mario Bowleg stood in the House of Assembly to express the government's pride in Charlton's achievement.

Bowleg emphasized the significance of diverting attention from prevailing issues facing the country, stating, “In a time when crime has become the focus, one must shift and highlight the recent sporting achievement of a young Bahamian woman.”

He went on to highlight the symbolic weight of the accomplishment, stating, “A small, but powerful country that continues to push above its weight has inked its name in the world record books once again, proving that sports changes lives and this archipelagic nation is among the best in the world.”

Charlton's triumph not only brings honor to herself but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for the entire nation.

The government's decision to reward her with a monetary prize underscores the recognition of her dedication, perseverance, and the positive impact her achievement has on the Bahamian spirit.

The story of Devynne Charlton is a testament to the transformative power of sports, shining a light on the Bahamas' excellence on the global stage.

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