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Attorney Damian Gomez Files Complaint Against DPP Staff

Attorney Damian Gomez, who is representing FNM MP Adrian Gibson in his money laundering trial, has lodged a formal complaint with the Bahamas Bar Council.

The complaint alleges professional misconduct by certain members of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office, specifically Ms. C. Mcvean, Mr. Edgecombe, and others.

In a letter addressed to the Bahamas Bar Council, Gomez detailed an incident witnessed by himself and Gibson on May 30, 2024.

According to the letter, after an adjournment, they observed attorneys from the DPP's office loading prosecutorial files into the official vehicle of Senior Justice Cheryl Grant Thompson, the presiding judge in the trial.

The attorneys then reportedly entered the vehicle as passengers, driven by an aide de camp to Justice Grant-Thompson, and followed the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions in her vehicle.

Gomez asserted that this incident constitutes a breach of Gibson's right to a fair trial, alleging bias against his client and his fellow defendants.

He accused the DPP's office of participating in the breach of Gibson's rights, citing violations of Rules I and VIII of the Code of Conduct.

Moreover, Gomez stated that he had also written to the Chief Justice and Her Ladyship's clerk to express concerns about the incident's implications on the Supreme Court's reputation and the appearance of bias against his client.

In response to the incident, Gomez and Gibson filed a Notice of Motion seeking the recusal of Justice Grant Thompson or, alternatively, an order declaring a mistrial.

Gomez expressed hope that the Bar Council would support the complaint to the Chief Justice and facilitate the hearing of Gibson's complaint.

Gibson is accused of failing to declare his interest in contracts awarded by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) during his tenure as executive chairman.

He is further accused of using funds from these contracts to purchase property and vehicles.

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