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Armed Robbery Suspect Escapes Police Custody

In a daring escape from Southern Police Station, a suspect detained for armed robbery, managed to elude authorities on Thursday night.

According to police reports, the escape occurred shortly before 9:00 p.m. as the suspect fled east along Quakoo Street, despite officers' efforts to re-capture him.

Tevin Fritz, the escapee, is described as 5’6”, with a dark complexion and black hair featuring a low haircut.

Authorities are urging the public's assistance in locating him, emphasizing the importance of any information that may aid in his apprehension.

Individuals with information are encouraged to contact emergency services at 911 or 919, the Criminal Investigation Department at 502-9991/2, or share tips anonymously with CRIME STOPPERS at 328-TIPS (8477).

In a stern warning, the police emphasized that anyone found harboring the escapee will face prosecution.

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