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Ankle bracelet contract at risk

Metro Security Solutions, the newly-formed company that the Free National Movement contracted to track suspects on bail, risks losing its contract.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe has given the company 30 days to explain why this shouldn’t happen.

The move comes after multiple murder suspects on the monitoring program were arrested by police for other crimes and they weren’t wearing their ankle bracelets unbeknownst to Metro.

This raises a serious risk to public safety. Alleged criminals were able to remove their bracelets without detection and leave them at home while breaching their curfews.

While away from home, the suspects could commit other crimes, while establishing an alibi because their bracelets were at home.

Recently Shaquille Culmer, who was on bail for two murders, was arrested.

When police searched his home, they found his ankle bracelet under his bed in a dust pan.

Culmer was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to breaching his bail curfew.

According to Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander, the flimsy devices can easily be removed with paperclips.

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