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Adrian Gibson to appear in court in libel case

Disgraced FNM MP Adrian Gibson has one last chance to show up in court to testify against a contractor, whom he accused of depositing money into his bank account.

While the FNM was power, Gibson used his political influence to have Gregory Miller charged with intentional libel and attempted intentional libel. However, if Gibson doesn’t show up in court today, the case will be thrown out.

Miller, the owner of Apex Construction, is accused of transferring $200 to Gibson’s bank account. Though Gibson shared the bank account with then-fiancé Alexandria Mackey, there is no police statement on file from Mackey.

It is strange and sloppy that police would proceed with criminal charges without getting a statement from both account-holders. Did Mackey fail to make a statement or was it removed from the case file after she and Gibson parted ways?

Interestingly, the police officer assigned to the case is Jared Turnquest, who is the son of outgoing BAMSI Chairman Steve Turnquest.

The Turnquests, who hail from Long Island, are good friends of the embattled Long Island MP.

This is a blatant conflict of interest as a police officer should not be investigating a case involving his close friend.

The Gallery will be watching to see if Gibson shows up on Monday after missing several court appearances.

The former Water and Sewerage Corporation Executive Chairman was embroiled in controversy in August after leaked documents revealed that a company, partly owned by his then-fiancée, was paid over $4,000 monthly to carry out maintenance work for the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

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